Friday, June 25, 2010

Hello, Seoul.

It's 2:19am in Seoul, South Korea right now. Chris, Jesse and I landed in Incheon International Airport about 7 hours ago. That 14 hour plane ride was long and tiring. First, we got delayed at JFK due to traffic on the tarmac. Then we got delayed because of weather conditions (it was supposed to thunderstorm but it was quite sunny when we looked out the window). In total, we were delayed for about 1.5-2 hours. Finally, we were flying...but it was quite a scary liftoff. I forgot how scary flying was - felt like I was on a milder version of The Cyclone in Coney Island. I sat next to this Korean man who made himself quite at home on the flight...sitting there with no shoes, no socks and his leg up. We finally arrived in Seoul at 530am EST (give or take 30 minutes). My buddy, Ji Hyun, greeted me at the arrival gate with her father. They drove us from the airport to campus...which was a LONGGGGGGGGG ride. We must've left the airport around 7pm and got to campus at 830pm. Once we got to campus, we each went to our rooms and dropped off our stuff. The dorms here are a little bit...weird. There's a females only section of the dormitories and a males only section. I don't know how often the gender thing gets enforced but there are signs on the doors and hallways. One thing that's reaaaaaal funky about Korea is their toilets. And when I mean funky, I MEAN WEIRD/CONFUSING/SURPRISING, MAKES YOU SAY OMG (Or what the HELL? in my case). Coming from a Westerner, this is shocking. There are about 10-12 buttons on the right side of a toilet. It's all in Hangul so I don't know which button is for what so I didn't want to do a test-run on the buttons just in case god forbid what happens to me in that stall. There's also no toilet paper...anywhere to be found. None. I've looked in FIVE bathrooms and there is NO toilet paper. I feel a little...sad. How else am I going to pee now? All that aside, the room here is nice. They have central air so I don't have to feel the heat from outside. The campus is also nice but I'd have to see it in daylight to really tell ya. On that note, I should probably head to bed soon. I barely slept on the plane and I barely slept the night before getting on the plane. All in all, I've had 6-7 hours of sleep in the past 36 hours. The picture on the left hand side was of a hotel in Seoul when we drove to campus. Till next time!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Same spot. Same couch. Different day.

So my passport expired on May 17, 2010. It is now June 22nd, 2010. I leave in roughly 60 hours. I am renewing my passport in 11 hours. Hopefully, it will get renewed...and I can fly on the 24th. I just find it ridiculous how I had to call 14 days before I was leaving for international travel and when I called on the 13th, the next available date was today. That's a bit ridiculous...

I'm not even packed. What am I doing updating this? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...